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Wiretaps, data dumps and zero days: is digital privacy no longer possible?

Facebook deploys a political advertising sales team, specialized by political party, and charged with convincing deep-pocketed politicians that they do have the kind of influence needed to alter the outcome of elections. I was at Facebook induring the presidential race.

The fact that Facebook could easily throw the election by selectively showing a Get Out the Vote reminder in certain counties of a swing state, for example, was a running joke. Converting Sex Dating Saint Catharine data into money is harder than it sounds, mostly because the vast bulk of your user data is worthless.

Turns out your blotto-drunk party pics and flirty co-worker messages have no commercial value whatsoever.

But occasionally, if used very cleverly, with lots of machine-learning iteration and systematic trial-and-error, the canny marketer can find just the right admixture of age, geography, time of day, and music or film tastes that demarcate a demographic winner of an audience. Without seeing the leaked documents, which were reportedly based around a pitch Facebook made to a bank, it is impossible to Adult singles dating in Muncy, Pennsylvania (PA). precisely what the platform was offering advertisers.

Why else would they be making the pitch?

The question is not whether this can be. It is whether Facebook should apply a moral filter to these decisions.

My reaction? So.

Sometimes data behaves unethically. Someone on the data science team had cooked up a new tool that recommended Facebook s users should like.

And what did this tool start spitting out? Every ethnic stereotype you can imagine.

Shahidha Sex tonight Sturbridge I disagreed. Jay Z is a millionaire music tycoon, so what if we associate him with the president?

Hispanics between the ages of 18 and 25 probably do engage with singing the charms and advantages of military service. The hard reality is that Facebook will never try to limit such use of their data unless Housewives wants real sex Leakey Texas 78873 public uproar reaches such a crescendo as to be un-mutable. At least in the case ofthe data and the clickthrough rates are on their.