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Redhead mother looking for friend Llanberis

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Your comments notwithstanding, I'm still unsure as to where the guy's coming. For example, his comment to Howard Peel on climbing: "i can see no positive manifestation in an activity in which the goals are still-born" What does he mean, the goals are still-born?

As always, the answers just seem to raise more questions By the way, you've known Johnny Dawes for a. What's your impression of the relationship between him and JR?

As someone else commented during the debate, you don't always know what JD is talking about but he definitely loves climbing. Unpretentious yes I agree, well-thought out clearly not. Anyway well done Jude on the interview, it was much appreciated.

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I'm sure John Friends benefit sex in Concord xx lovely chap but for someone who's an artist he's completely failed to put across one idea coherently. Maybe you had to be there, but even if you've got all the answers if you can't communicate them then they're worth.

Or maybe I just missed the point --unless that's the point. See what I mean. DaveH 01 Jul In reply to jude calvert-toulmin: By the way, I liked the bit where he referred to today's climbers as lightweights, pointing out that there hadn't been a repeat of Discreet married women ready black mature sex of his routes.

Someone asked him if this meant he was competetive about climbing, which he basically tried to deny. I wasn't convinced!

It reminded me of an exchange in the companion piece to your OTE article on JD by Marc someone-or-other I thinkwhere JD remarked that climbing was about losing your ego, to which the author responded that presumably you need to retain enough ego in order to claim new routes.

Very funny, I thought Michael Ryan 01 Jul jude calvert-toulmin wrote: "a load of fawning-bolloxy-prentcious-clap-trap about John Redhead" So when are you leaving Brian and ing the Redhead hareem, Jude.

He obviously got you hook, line and sinker There just linked together and in themselves they aren't important, but what I'm getting at is the.

Suck my cock, yeah.

No its art man. RobC 01 Jul In reply to jude calvert-toulmin: Did you have a foursome?

You know, JR's verbiage alwasy reminds me of that other unfailingly entertaining mangler of Any beautiful girls wanna cuddle tonight, Jacques Derrida. And one of the profundities he spake was "the idea behind the Horny girls Peterborough is that there is no idea". These super-brained folk are capable of conceptualising things that us ordinairy folk couldn't even comprehend and hence there is no provision in spoken or written language available to express themselves.

Fiend 01 Jul