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Re: Western girl sharing room or apartment with an Egyptian man 11 years ago Save Hi Tealady, It will not be easy for you to get to know each other on an intimate basis in Cairo or Alexandria.

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In Sharm. But in Cairo and Alexandria, you will be forced to rent seperate rooms in a hotel and you will have to look very hard finding a landlord who'll allow you to live in the same flat. However, seeing that your friend has already checked Legs open for big dicks 28 san francisco 28 found people who will allow it, it will not be easy to pull it off.

Your Egyptian friend will want you to cook Egyptian dishes and you both want to take it easy and get to know each other, and even though I don't know you, I have no doubts this is Housewives seeking sex tonight Mildred Montana truth. But Egyptians are, for better or for worse, some of the most nosy people, and they will, no matter what, think "the worst" of you and your Egyptian friend perhaps because thats what THEY would do if THEY had the chanceand no respectable apartment building or hotel will be able to look the other way if they suspect that you sleep.

You will not be able to do this in secret. It is true that if you were to share a hotel-room, you'd have to be married.

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Even in Sharm I guess. But definitely in Cairo or Alex. This will not be a thing for the tourist-police, but more for the regular police, Baltimore-OH swinger wife nothing will happen to you as a tourist.

You have to smuggle heroine, commit murder or something equally bad to be thrown in jail in Egypt as a foreigner.

It is however a very different matter Hudson valley horny people Egyptians.

Since the murder of Anwar Sadat inEgypt has been ruled under special laws, and one of the things about these laws is, Big cock tonight look here every Egyptian can be arrested on almost no ground. Immoral behaviour put many men behind bars in Egypt.

I definitely do not want to be a scaremonger, but you ask what the worst case scenario is, and that is jail for your friend.

I seriously doubt it will happen, no matter what, but there is always a risk. If you want, you can look up several cases on the internet regarding Human Rights Black ladies looking dating single mother immoral behaviour in Egypt.

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I have to say, that the incidents you are most likely to come upon has to do with homosexual men in the larger cities. Walking the streets in Cairo or Alex with your Citrus Ridge Florida city meet horny mature personals friend holding your hand will not be offensive, but no public kissing or groping, but you probably already know.

Nsa hookup married woman Detroit in Sharm will altogether be much easier, many Egyptian men have foreign girlfriends, and I know that they live their lives more or less like you'd do it at home.

But I still doubt you will be able to get a room together in any hotel without producing a marriage-certificate. I think you are wise being cautious, at least not for the sake of your Egyptian friend.

If I were you, I'd plan my hols to be in Sharm. You will not have a trouble-free stay in either Cairo or Alex if you are going to try and live.

Please feel free to PM me if you have any questions regarding what I have written. All the best wishes.