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The AFSC existed at least until the end of Their top level collective is known as the '5-Eyes'.

Beyond that, the NSA has other coalitions, although intelligence-sharing is more restricted for the additional partners: the 9-Eyes, which adds Denmark, France, the Netherlands and Norway; the Eyes, including Germany, Belgium, Alone virgin pussy waiting for u, Spain and Sweden; and Eyes, adding in others in the allied coalition in Afghanistan.

From open sources, a range of similar "Eyes" for sharing military and intelligence information were identified on this weblog in November in a posting titled Five Eyes, 9-Eyes and many.

This is a multilateral network for research, development and testing on C4ISR systems. However, the members of Naked girl Anchorage Alaska CFBLNet 9-Eyes were not fully identical with those in the Guardian article, so it seemed not likely that this was the mysterious 9-Eyes group mentioned in the Snowden documents.

Afghanistan Meanwhile, the function of the 9-Eyes remained unclear: the Dutch interior minister Ronald Plasterk refused to say anything about it, but there were rumours that it was for exchanging military als intelligence related to operations in Afghanistan.

That could explain why no other documents about the 9-Eyes had been published, because apparently Glenn Greenwald had an agreement with Snowden not to disclose information that could endanger American troops in Afghanistan. NSA presentation slide showing the 2nd and 3rd Party partners and some coalition and multilateral Lady wants sex tonight Dunbridge groups.

It is not known whether the of "Eyes" increased with each new AFSC member, but it's clear that an "Eyes" deation is not always a unique deator and there can be multiple groups with the same of Eyes at the same time.

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To avoid confusion, such multilateral partnerships can best be called by their actual names. Therefore they turned to trusted coalition partners and provided them with wireless interception equipment known as DRT-boxeswhich were first identified as such on this weblog in November This RT-RG system was first publicly mentioned in a Defense News article from October and in the book Top Secret America from it was described as follows: "RTRG allows users Looking for a best friend 49 Tivoli 49 see all al intelligence that collectors are working on in real time.

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RTRG has provided a tenfold increase in the speed with which intercepts are povided to operators on the ground. An internal NSA newsletter says that in order to provide a comprehensive real-time view of the telephone and internet communications in Baghdad with roughly 4 to 5 million residentsthe RT system had to be able to ingest each day: - million telephone metadata records - 1 million pieces of telephone content - million internet Women who fuck in Williamsville records The success of the RT-RG system lay in the fact that these massive amounts of data were stored locally: ina large RT-RG data center was built at Area 82 of Bagram Airport north of Kabul.

ly, war-fighters in the field had to retrieve their intelligence from central databases at NSA headquarters. This costed time and bandwith, but it also meant that Horny women in Surfside data related to known targets was sent back and stored. But with storing the full-take collection in a regional repository, all data could be subjected to analytic algorithms in order to find new targets for the so-called Find, Fix, Finish operations.

A planned move to NSA's new cloud architecture would increase the storage space to up to TB and would allow larger-scale analytics to be conducted. The available charts show that the following s were acquired through the DRTBOX system during a one month period between December 10, and January 8, - France: 62 million metadata records - Spain: 60 million Bbw teens Fayetteville records - Italy: 45 million metadata records - Sweden: 33 million metadata records - Norway: 33 million metadata records - Denmark: 22 million metadata records The chart for the Netherlands shows the CERF CALL method through which cellphone metadata from Somalia were collected.

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They also, once againshow that "mass surveillance" of entire populations would require the collection of billions of metadata records rather than the millions that showed up in these particular charts 60 million would West Lafayette women for sex be the of metadata generated by In the second half ofFuck buddies in San Diego California charts were published in various major European newspapers saying that they proved that NSA monitored millions of phone calls in those countries.

Soon it turned out this interpretation was completely wrong, something which co-author Glenn Greenwald only admitted in The Intercept's article from last May.

They are one level below the 2nd Party partners, or Five Eyes, who have a fully integrated als intelligence cooperation. Because cooperation between intelligence Housewives want real sex Texico New Mexico is always based upon the principle of quid pro quothese partners also got things in return, equal to their input.

For the Married ladies looking sex Nanuet of the AFSC these returns included real-time data access, unique linguistic resources and t counter insurgency operations - things that could have been crucial for the success of their operations or Hot ladies seeking casual sex South Bruce Peninsula safety of their troops, but which the Five Eyes did not make available to the initially broader group of the SIGINT Seniors Europe.

It's not known whether there was any kind of continuation. The Real-Time Regional Gateway proved to be so successful that already inNSA deployed the system at 11 locations around the world, including at its regional center in Texas to combat Mexican drug trafficking, as well as on board of the nuclear submarine USS Georgiawhich collected mobile phone metadata around the Horn of Africa.